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Another lovely Caldera spa hot tub install this week in Bishopton, Glasgow. looking stunning in this hand made gazebo. One more client introduced  to the benefits of owning a new Caldera spa from the worlds leading Spa manufacturer. The post Bishopton, Glasgow Hot Tub Install appeared first on Caldera Spas Scotland. Powered by WPeMatico

This must be one of the best reasons to purchase a spa from a company that has been going for so long. 40 yrs.!!! A spa to suit all of the following reasons that you would purchase one..!!!!…. Quality, Reliability, Comfort , Performance, Style, and last but not least affordability this is why Caldera spa hot tubs are

Just released for 2016 Hot Tub season the all new BMW designed Caldera Spa’s Utopia Series spa range . For further information please email [email protected] or contact your local Caldera spa’s hot tub dealer in your area. Aberdeen 0845 2220577 Edinburgh 0845 2220566 Ayrshire 0845 2220567 Happy Happy Hot Tub Tubbing from Caldera spas Scotland.     The

New Showrooms

Thursday, 18 May 2017 by

Caldera Spas Scotland are proud to announce 2 new showrooms on the East coast of Scotland to view their great new products for 2016 for the start of the hot tub season. New showroom locations: Planet Hot tubs 3 Black Hilton road Aberdeen AB25 3SS Hot Tub Solutions 36 Imex Centre Dryden Road Loanhead Edinburgh